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A strategic Content writer

CrackerJack Content Creator

I write for blogs, apps, social media, video scripts, printed publications, and instructional materials. I help nonprofits build advocacy outreach, companies big & small grow and guard against communications errors, and politicians perfect their poise and policy messaging.  


Content Creation

Content is how we share thoughts, feelings, and ideas. It’s how we communicate what we have to offer to the world. Crackerjack content gets results by engaging readers and SEO practices to increase readership, page clicks, and sales. Words are powerful; let me wield them for you to get results.



Even great writers need editors. Whether you are publishing content for social media, blogs, apps, online or print articles, or even doctors’ reports, I can help make sure your content is polished and ready to represent you well.


Social Media

Social media drives the 24-hour communications cycle and businesses and organizations that want to grow know that connecting with people online is key.  I can help you strategize, implement, and grow your outreach through social media outlets. Start sharing your story to get the growth results you need.


Nonprofit Advocacy

Nonprofits have unique content needs running the gambit from storytelling to donor relationships. I have years of experience helping nonprofits grow support and do more good in their communities through SEO-optimized websites, social media outreach, and strategic storytelling.

Instructional Design

Textbooks, e-learning materials, LMS builds, and curriculum are all available a la carte or as part of a full service Instructional Design package. Please contact my partner, SilkWeb Consulting & Development for more information on Instructional Design services.

Political Communication Strategy

Politicians have to be polished, poised, and on point. Let’s take your campaign from ho-hum to heck yes with speeches that inspire, content that communicates your vision, and social media outreach that outdoes the competition.

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