Why You Need to Use Social Media for Customer Care

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What do you do when it’s Sunday afternoon and you need to get all the week’s laundry done and the washing machine has an error code? What if the manual and online search don’t turn up any answers? What if you call customer service, but they aren’t available on Sundays?

This happened to me a few years ago, and of course, I then went to Facebook and Twitter to try to get help. Not only were my messages unanswered on a Sunday (when traditional customer service channels were unavailable) but my messages were NEVER answered. The company wasn’t using social media as a customer service channel. Tsk Tsk. Did that change my view of the company? I loved that washer, but I went with another brand when I moved and had to buy a new machine. They lost a customer because they didn’t even try to help me in my time of need– nobody was available to answer a question on the one day of the week when it is KNOWN that most people in the United States use their appliances.

You don’t have to take my anecdote as fact. Website Builder has the data to prove that customers need you to use social media for customer care. Check out their infographic here: https://websitebuilder.org.uk/blog/rise-social-media-customer-care/

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